QUALITY first!

We offer QA and testing services to ensure your product meets market requirements, quality standards, and attracts new users.

Our services are designed to enhance the quality and stability of your application, giving you confidence that it will perform optimally for your users.


At SZABI QA, we offer a range of software testing services that can be tailored to meet any client’s needs. We specialize in mobile, web, and desktop application testing and our team has the expertise needed to identify potential issues, bottlenecks and ensure that your product is ready for release.

We provide comprehensive testing solutions that cover all aspects of the product, including reliability, scalability, security, and usability. We also provide regular updates on the progress of the testing process and can assist with troubleshooting any issues that may arise. With our deep understanding of the software development cycle, our team can help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently.

At SZABI QA, we are dedicated to providing quality services and making sure our clients are satisfied with the results. If you need assistance in testing your software applications, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Manual QA, QA testing, Manual testing, Quality Assurance Consultations

Web based applications, IOS/Android applications testing, website testing

Ensure quality and prevent bugs in your application with our efficient web and mobile testing services.

End-to-end testing

Our End-to-end testing services verifying the complete flow of your application, identifying issues throughout the user journey to deliver a flawless user experience and improved software quality.

Regression testing

Ensure software updates don't break any previously working functionality. We'll catch any issues early on, ensuring your product remains reliable and of high quality. Trust us for rigorous testing that saves you time and effort.

Usability testing

Make sure your software is easy to use and loved by your users! We analyze user behavior and feedback to identify potential issues and improve overall user-friendliness. Trust us to provide comprehensive testing that ensures your product is highly usable and successful.

Functional testing

Our methodology rigorously examines your application's functionality to ensure it performs as intended and meets all requirements.

Cross-browser and cross-platform testing

Make sure your software works great for everyone! We'll ensure your product is compatible with all devices and web browsers, so that all users have a seamless experience.

Test case writing and execute

Looking for a reliable and efficient way to write your test cases? Look no further than our expert manual test case writing services! We'll develop comprehensive test cases and execute them efficiently to ensure your product functions flawlessly and meets all specifications.

User Experience, User Acceptance, User Interface testing

Ensure your software delivers an exceptional user experience with our UX, UAT, and UI testing services. Our rigorous testing approach identifies any issues with functionality, usability, and design, ensuring user satisfaction and overall software quality.

Client testimonials

"I have worked with Szabolcs for nearly 10 years on various projects and at various companies and Szabolcs is one of the best Quality Assurance Consultants I have ever worked with. His attention to detail is on an absolutely super-human level, often finding issues that would never have surfaced if it was’t for him. Szabolcs has been working at The Sole Supplier for the last few years and the quality of the app, website, and all of our internal tools are largely down to him and the QA team. He successfully lead a team of multiple QAs and had impeccable communication skills with myself and his team even while fully remote. I would highly reccomend Szabolcs’ work!"

Nicholas Kirsten

CTO at The Sole Supplier

"I highly recommend Szabolcs for his outstanding skills as a QA Engineer. I had the pleasure of working with Szabolcs on several projects, and I can confidently say that he is one of the best QA engineers I have ever worked with. Szabolcs has exceptional analytical skills that allow him to identify even the smallest defects in software systems. He takes his time to test every feature thoroughly and ensures that the software meets the highest quality standards before release. He is very detail-oriented and has an eye for spotting issues that others might miss, making him an invaluable member of any software development team."

Sam Saunders

Lead iOS Developer at The Sole Supplier

"I worked with Szabolcs for 1.5 years at GoKid and found him to be easy to work with and a very skilled and conscientious QA tester. He was flexible, adapting to new requirements as needed and he always took ownership of his tasks - we felt confident with him handling our testing. He took an active role in team calls and didn’t hesitate to offer suggestions on how to improve areas of the app. I would happily work with Szabolcs again!"

Ashley Clark

Senior Product Manager at Zeelo

“Szabolcs did exceptional work. He has a huge experience in his QA craft, perfect attention to details, an amazing 6th sense and clear communication. Clearly, I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks for the great great work.”

Project - QA

Rating is 5 out of 5.

“Varsandan is to be highly recommended. He is a very good team player and interacts with others cordially. Talented in his work.”

Project - Cardiac Solutions/Voicemail

Rating is 5 out of 5.

“Varsandan became the key QA person on our project. He is extremely dependable, and highly skilled. If there comes an opportunity for us to use him on any future projects, we will undoubtedly do so.”

Project - CareStratus

Rating is 5 out of 5.

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